Oct 13, 2023

Google Ads NEW Dynamic Promotions - Shopping Ads

Google Merchant Center Introducing Dynamic Promotions

Although Promotions have been a longstanding feature within the Google Merchant Center, there is an exciting development: the introduction of Dynamic Promotions! This innovative addition revolutionises the way merchants can engage with their audience, providing a dynamic and personalised shopping experience.


Here is the key information: 

Dynamic Promotions function by automatically adapting product prices and generating discounts to enhance a merchant's profitability. 

This process is powered by Google's AI algorithms, which analyse key data points like the cost of goods sold (COGS), discount offers, and customer conversion feedback. With this information, Dynamic Promotions tailor the most effective and enticing offers to present to potential customers, ensuring a dynamic and engaging shopping experience.

As this is a new feature, there are some requirements for this to be implemented, but we have highlighted some of these below

  • Aggregated minimum of 1,000 product clicks a week at merchant-level
  • Conversion tracking and feed configuration set up.
  • Merchant systems must accept and honour Google-selected promotions passed through the URL.

From a user's perspective, dynamic promotions offer personalised discounts and adjusted prices. When clicking on a product, a coupon is instantly applied to the original price. This feature means the users are seeing the best possible offer.