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Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant & consistent content through multiple channels, with the view to attracting potential customers. Content marketing should never be considered a short term or quick fix. There are other tools in our arsenal for that. You enter the content marketing space to build value and trust over time, and in the process build your organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help your website appear higher on the search engine results, therefore attracting more of your ideal audience.

Once you appear high on search engine results it’s easier to stay there. So it’s like free advertising. This is why so many companies invest heavily in content marketing and SEO.

At Squid Group we provide a wealth of content marketing options to help your business engage with its ideal prospects. Our content is made with the goal of authentically showcasing your brand whilst driving leads and sales.

It’s important to offer your customers more than just a service/product – knowledge is power! Your prospects and customers need to feel a connection with your brand and what you stand for. This is what will get you chosen over your competitors.

We never write to cookie cutter scripts or regurgitate information that will do little for your business. Being a “me too” brand will see you disappear into an ocean of sameness.

Type of Content Marketing


Website copy is the face of you online and therefore is critical to how you are percieved. Our team of content writers will create copy that is not only engaging but focussed on driving the best possible SEO.

It’s there as your 24/7 salesperson to help convey what you’re about, what you offer, and then presents other supporting information and calls to action that helps capture your fish, hook, line and sinker.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea but what’s important is that your website copy is written in a way that effectively targets the species you’re after.

Our SEO Services
articles v2

These are lengthy written materials based around your service/product or related topics that go hand-in-hand with your business. Each article helps to complete a puzzle that over time shows your brand’s big picture.

Publishing original content related to your business can drive traffic to your site that otherwise wouldn’t have been searching for you. Articles/blog posts greatly help engagement, especially when they have a strong call to action.

ebooks v3

eBooks are typically used as attention grabbing pieces early in the sales cycle. eBook readers are either in the early stages of the sales cycle or are not yet in your sales funnel. They’re typically problem-aware but not solution aware, so eBooks help move your prospects deeper into your funnel.

White papers are typically for aiding decision-making later in the sales cycle. White paper readers are already familiar with your company and its products/services. They’re already in your sales funnel but need an extra push to be shown they made the right choice swimming with you.


Video content is marketing through video. Content for video can be made for an incredibly wide range of purposes. Video content is a valuable tool that can provide the same outcome as articles/blog posts whilst targeting potential customers/clients that would rather watch than read.

Two common examples of video content are YouTube videos and webinars. YouTube videos can be anything from traditional type ‘television’ ads to mini-documentaries or video stories. Webinars are great for presenting information and closing sales, especially if live videos. Although webinars work just as well as evergreen videos where a video is watched later on demand.


Social media posts are strategically made and published in ways appropriate to the platform you are using. Each social media channel has its own set of rules but it’s the story you tell in your social media posts that transcend all else.

The platform you use (for example, Facebook and Instagram) will depend on your business and the type of messages you have to convey, who you are targeting and how quickly you want to grow your business. These posts can be informative, entertaining, and/or interactive. Your social media strategy will dictate your approach.


Electronic Direct Mail are emails including informative content that are regularly sent to prospects and customers/clients to keep them in the loop about what your business is doing. Ultimately, EDMs keep your audience in your net, which is why you need to be incredibly relevant with the information you share. Remind them you’re relevant to their journey with EDMs.

Creative content2x 1

The importance of creative content

Publishing creative content helps you stay relevant in a time when the currents are constantly changing. Publishing relevant content shows that you are actively seeking to improve your business, and that you seek to provide value to your prospects with the view to them becoming customers.

Having original content will set you apart from your competitors and entice potential customers to seek you out and engage with you. A good website isn’t just images and design, that’s the bait. Creative content is what will get your fish on the hook. You have to stand out in the reef in order to bring home the catch of the day.

SEO Ladder

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Commonly referred to by its abbreviation, SEO, search engine optimisation is the process of increasing the quantity of your website traffic by increasing its visibility to relevant visitors through the use of strategic keywords and quality backlinks. With optimised keywords, you will more likely attract the right kind of traffic which will make it easier to convert them into customers. Traffic that you can convert into customers is the desired outcome from our SEO programmes. It’s also important to invest in niche keywords as there will always be paid ads for the most popular keywords. However, SEO is free, in the sense that you don’t pay Google for organic SEO (SEO that’s not paid, like Adwords). You do pay the likes of Squid Group for ensuring you appear high on search engine results for your keywords. If optimised strategically and regularly, you will rise to the top of the organic links pool for search results relating to your keywords.