How We Helped Fill a University Course Attendance! 

Recently, we were approached by our partner, Social Good, to lend a helping hand in the delivery of a campaign for Toi Whakaari, New Zealand Drama School. This institution is not only known for its exceptional education in acting, design, and management but also for fostering a vibrant creative community that has left an indelible mark on the global stage.

Toi Whakaari: Case Study

What we needed to do to for Toi Whakaari

  1. They had four courses which they needed to fill. Our goal was to help successfully fill them as fast as possible. 
  2. Worked with assets provided by both Toi Whakaari and Social Good to deliver a low-cost but highly effective campaign that delivered a clear message. 
  3. Toi Whakaari wanted to see results within a three week timeframe to ensure we were clearly generating results. 
  4. The website had room for improvement to provide easy access and optimise conversions. 
  5. Management of leads and the sales process was improved in collaboration with our partners, Social Good.


  1. We worked on building a social media campaign to generate enquiries and raise awareness of the courses.
  2. Specific assets created to showcase each course, whilst leveraging the amazing content created from previous years.
  3. Built a detailed retargeting campaign.
  4. Leveraged alternate platforms to improve conversion, and leverage the website for specific information.
  5. Social Good helped provide training and assist with ways to convert leads via calling and lead management

The digital marketing that filled three University Courses in three weeks!

Over the three weeks we worked together with Toi Wharaaki, we managed to successfully increase the number of students enrolled in the various courses provided. Two courses are now fully booked and another 80% full. Experiencing a notable increase in course enrolment is a testament to the effectiveness of our campaign.