Ultimate Fords Revitalised Digital Marketing

Ultimate Ford, a leading car dealership in Tauranga, faced the challenge of revitalising its marketing efforts to engage a modern audience and increase its visibility. With minimal prior utilization of video content, social media and an outdated radio advertising approach, Ultimate Ford turned to our team of Squid for a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul.

This case study explores how we leveraged engaging video content and modernized radio advertising to breathe new life into Ultimate Ford’s marketing strategy, driving substantial increases in brand engagement and customer traffic.

Marketing Objectives

  1. Introduce Video Content: Develop high-quality video content to highlight the dealership’s offerings and inject personality into their marketing efforts.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Leverage video assets to boost engagement and reach on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Revitalize Radio Advertising: Update the radio advertisements to reflect a modern and inclusive brand image.

Strategy and Execution

1. Video Content Creation

Objective: To create engaging videos that showcase the dealership's vehicles and unique value propositions.

Actions Taken:

  • Video Shoot: We organized a comprehensive video shoot at Ultimate Ford’s dealership to capture high-quality footage of their vehicles. The goal was to bring each vehicle to life and emphasize its unique features.

  • Brand Videos: We created a series of brand videos that highlight the dealership's commitment to quality and customer service. These videos were designed to build brand awareness and trust with potential customers.

  • Promo Videos for Milwaukee Tool Set Giveaway: A promotional campaign featuring a Milwaukee Tool set giveaway was developed. The videos were created to generate excitement and drive engagement for the giveaway.

  • Vehicle Walkthroughs: We produced detailed walkthrough videos for specific vehicles, such as the Ford Escape. These videos provided prospective buyers with in-depth insights into the vehicle's features, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.


  • The videos received a high level of engagement on social media, with users commenting and sharing the content, significantly increasing the dealership’s visibility.

2. Social Media Campaigns

Objective: Utilize the newly created video content to drive traffic and engagement on social media platforms.

Actions Taken:

  • Facebook: We posted the videos on Ultimate Ford’s Facebook page, leveraging targeted ads to reach potential customers in the Tauranga region. The posts included a mix of brand videos, promotional content, and vehicle walkthroughs to keep the audience engaged and informed.

  • Instagram: Videos were also shared on Instagram, capitalizing on the platform’s visual nature. We used Instagram Stories and IGTV to further engage users with short, impactful videos and more extended, detailed content.


  • The video content contributed to a significant increase in page followers and engagement rates. Ultimate Ford’s Facebook and Instagram pages saw a surge in likes, comments, and shares, indicating improved brand visibility and customer interest.

3. Revamped Radio Advertising

Objective: Modernize the radio advertising strategy to make it more appealing and effective in reaching a broader audience.

Actions Taken:

  • New Jingle Creation: We updated Ultimate Ford’s radio jingle to reflect a modern, energetic vibe. The new jingle incorporated both male and female voices to appeal to a wider demographic, enhancing the inclusivity of the brand message.

  • Revamped Ad Content: The radio advertisements were refreshed to be more engaging and relevant. We focused on conveying key messages about the dealership’s offerings and promotions in a concise and compelling manner.


  • The updated radio ads helped increase awareness and drove more traffic to the dealership. Customers responded positively to the modernized jingle, and the inclusivity of the ads broadened Ultimate Ford’s audience base.


The comprehensive digital marketing strategy significantly boosted Ultimate Ford’s brand presence and engagement. The introduction of video content and revamped radio advertising played pivotal roles in enhancing the dealership’s visibility and customer interaction.

  • Increased Engagement: Video content on Facebook and Instagram saw a substantial increase in likes, shares, and comments.
  • Higher Foot Traffic: There was a noticeable uptick in customer visits to the dealership, attributed to both the engaging video content and the renewed radio advertising efforts.
  • Brand Perception: The modernized and inclusive approach has led to customers mentioning they saw the videos online.


Our digital marketing initiative successfully transformed Ultimate Ford’s marketing strategy by integrating engaging video content and modernized radio advertising. This approach not only enhanced their social media presence but also revitalized their overall brand image, leading to increased customer engagement and improved sales performance.