Karawhiua Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook Campaign

Karawhiua is a campaign created to help assist whānau, hapū, iwi, and Māori communities in accessing the right information on how to keep safe from Covid -19 and help prevent the spread. 

 “Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi”.

 (With your contribution and mine, the people will thrive).

The campaign is guided by Te Puni Kōkiri (Ministry for Māori Development), and by Te Hiringa Hauora (Health Promotion Agency) with support from the Ministry of Health and the Unite Against COVID-19 teams.

Squid Group was asked to assist with the digital marketing and how to get the messages out online through advertising on social media apps such as Facebook, Tik Tok and Google Ads and videos (Youtube). The incentive being to drive up engagement on those platforms and encourage visitors to the website also whilst limiting the amount of commenting due to it being such a debated topic. 

A few quick stats we delivered

  • 39,089 Website Clicks on TikTok
  • 1.14 Million Video Plays on Facebook
  • 167,000 video views on YouTube

Building Engagement

The target of the campaign was to generate more interest in what Karawhiua can do to help assist Maori communities with any Covid - 19 queries. The various ads promoted on platforms had speakers encouraging viewers to continue to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

To help Maori communities access the right information,  Karawhiua campaign goal was to promote them to visit the website through the different platforms

A key part of the campaign was promotion done through a series of videos titled Tō Uru Raumati, Have Yours?  Which involved various well known Aotearoa artists encouraging Maori communities to do their part. 

The campaign was effective and helped boost website traffic. 

Overview of Tik Tok Ads

Advertising through the social media app Tik Tok helped ensure that a younger age range would also be engaged. 

 With the campaign being advertised on Tik Tok, we saw the following results:

  • A overall click rate of 39,089.
  • Age 18-24 clicks at 30,005.
  • Impressions generated at 6.02M
  • CTR 0.65%

Overview of Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ad Campaign was quite effective as we received good results. There was a high interest in the videos and the overall engagement was at a good level. 

From the Facebook campaign we generated the following:

  • Overall video view count at 54,332.
  • Engagement at 14,224. 
  •  Clicks at 25,547. 
  • Impressions at 1.58M. 
  • CTR at 1.61%

Overview of Google Ads - Videos

Another video platform used was YouTube, which resulted in a high level of engagement. Although the click rate was lower, the overall impressions had a significant impact.

Results from the YouTube campaign are:

  • Clicks at 2,680.
  • Engagements: 390k
  • Impressions at 1.60M
  • Total views were 167K.

The most popular video was Tō Uru Raumati, Have Yours?  with 1,914 clicks. 

The second was Tō Uru Raumati, Have Yours? Where is Everyone? with 577 clicks. 

Agencies involved:

Thank you to all agencies involved with a special thanks to Loop Media for delivering such amazing content. Also a big thanks to Vision Thing.