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Whether you are looking for a quick fix, or a custom built e-commerce platform, our team of web developers can tailor something to suit your needs.

Getting an E-commerce website created that totally matches your requirements is no longer a tough nut to crack. 

As a full service creative marketing agency, we have a passion for making brands stand out, whilst delivering simple UI and UX at affordable rates.

If you are looking for e-commerce website specialists based in New Zealand, you have come to the right place! Whether you are based in Auckland, or Invercargill, we can build a website to suit your business needs and wants.

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Custom e-commerce websites

To ensure businesses and brands are providing an experience on their website which drives online sales, alongside a seamless UI and UX, our team of web developers specialise in custom built e-commerce websites. This provides our team with experience in building digital platforms to suit everyone needs including:

  • Event ticketing websites
  • Multi product websites
  • Charity and donation websites
  • Invoicing portals
Queenstown House e commerce website

An online solution for everyone

We take pride in helping businesses of all kinds generate online sales through their website. Whether a customer is already selling online or asking us how to make their product/service sellable online, we can build a solution for all business types.

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Integrations to suit your needs!

To generate maximum sales through your website, our team of UI and UX designers ensure your website is best suited for your products and services. This means we build a wireframe for each client, enabling greater functionality.

When we review your requirements and how you aim to sell online, we can then integrate seamlessly as we have a plan in place for what is required. From common platforms like Xero to custom CRM systems, our web designers and developers can build a solution to suit your business.

E-commerce website design

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The first step is getting an understanding of how businesses operate, enabling a new e-commerce website to streamline processes and drive online sales. We will work with businesses to build a strategy to integrate their current systems so that inventory is managed easily.

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We will then review how you sell products both online and offline to better understand what your website will be used for. This means we can have your website optimised for each channel you generate website sales.

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Our experienced Squid designers will base designs according to necessary UX/UI to ensure your e-commerce website is designed to achieve business goals. This step involves wire frames, imagery and content being created that will bring your business's story to life in the digital world.

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Once the website has been designed, we then build this on the CMS system which is best suited for the business.

For e-commerce websites we use SilverStripe, however depending on requirements we also use Shopify or Magento.

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Once we have finished building your website and have integrated it with the required platforms, we will then set your website live using Squid web hosting. This is a easy to manage system where you can host your website and domain from one single dashboard.

Frequently asked e-commerce website questions

What is the best ecommerce platform to use for a website?

There are a range of platforms which can be used including Shopify, BigCommerce and SilverStripe. We are platform agnostic, however for larger projects we like to use open source systems like SilverStripe as the potential is endless.

We personally avoid WooCommerce websites as find they can lead to challenges as businesses grow with plugin updates, meaning other systems can save you thousands in the future.

What is the difference between a website & an ecommerce website?

Websites built to only share information over internet is called a "normal website", whereas , a website that enables payments over the internet for products and/or services along with a strong encrypted technology is called ecommerce website.

What is relationship between e-commerce and website?

To put it simply, e-commerce refers to buying and selling online, while e-business encompasses all business conducted online. E-commerce can be viewed as a part of an e-business.

How are payments made online with an ecommerce business?

When building an ecommerce business, you have a range of payment gateways to choose from. Systems like Shopify or BigCommerce will have a mandatory credit card gateway, where you can also add other systems like afterpay, LayBuy or Humm.

When building an ecommerce website on an open source platform like SilverStripe, you have much more control of payments where you can control money flows as needed. This provide opportunities to manage cashflow and how your ecommerce website will generate sales and revenue streams.

In this case you can use Stripe, Windcave or whatever other system which is most suitable to your business needs.

Is email marketing important for an e-commerce website?

Email marketing is a key component to an e-commerce website. It helps with website conversions and builds trust with potential and previous website purchasers.

There are a range of ways to automate this process including the use of systems like MailChimp, Sendgrid, HubSpot and more. Depending on the business and products being sold will dictate the best platform to use for email marketing. 

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