At Squid we like to give every business the opportunity to be unique online and clearly demonstrate their brand character, with clean imagery and content. Image Interiors had a very clear goal in mind and we are happy to have delivered a website within an achievable budget they provided.

The Design

Image interiors had a need to showcase

  1. Their ability to bring projects to life, demonstrating the variety of interior design projects they have completed since they started over 20years ago.
  2. Their business process, to ensure clients and contractors understand how they like to complete work

We decided it was important to enable the in-house team to easily navigate the website and update projects completed on a frequent basis. We built a structure which meant pages were consistent and their brand would be consistent regardless of who uploaded projects within their new website.

Since completing the new website, Google Ads have been used to generate new business and ensure their business is seen for keyword. Alongside this, there is a focus on creating ongoing communication with the database through monthly EDM's to ensure the retain ongoing business.