T-Shirt Sales E-commerce Success

When it comes to e-commerce, Squid Group is equipped with all the necessary tools and experience to deliver a successful campaign. 

At Squid Group we have worked collaboratively with T-Shirt Sale to help establish and grow not only their business but their brand also. Over the past 2 years we have implemented marketing campaigns that have boosted their online presence and increased sales performance. In addition to this, we built a shopify website that is user friendly and showcases their entire online inventory. 


Affordable Shopify Website Built To Sell!

Prior to working with Squid Group, the team at T-Shirt Sale promoted and sold their products through 3rd party platforms such as Etsy, Ebay, and Trademe. At the start this worked well for them, however, as the business began to grow and more orders were fulfilled, this made for a lot of work for the T-Shirt Sale team. Continually listing products through a 3rd party platform is extremely time consuming, especially if you are selling a growing amount of products.

To overcome this issue T-Shirt Sale needed to build a system that would result in less time spent online and more time spent sending out orders. T-Shirt Sale wanted a seamless website that would enable their customers to browse their collections and purchase with ease. 

By using a platform like Shopify, we were able to meet these expectations and create a smoothly operating system that is easy to use. Shopify is a system used by many e-commerce businesses as they have pre-built integrations with all the major platforms meaning that there is less web development needed to create a well operating website. 


329% Increase in sales!

Just like many e-commerce businesses, a key goal is to increase sales. Having a well operating website is just one of the ways we worked with T-Shirt Sale to help increase their sales overall. 

Comprehensive marketing campaigns enabled us to increase traffic to the website which converted into sales. Our digital marketing campaign involved both social media and google ads. We also developed an extensive database that we were able to utilise with scheduling regular emails to promote new products or releases. 

An important focus for Squid Group was to increase sales particularly over the winter months. With a more robust marketing campaign over these months, we managed to increase their online sales by 329% in the winter period and by 146% in the summer months. 

Through the use of Google Advertising, we were able to directly improve overall sales. It is crucial when running ads to ensure that from a financial point of view it makes sense for our clients. For T-Shirt Sales campaign, on average we saw a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 7-10x, with some periods increasing to over 36x ROAS. That means for every dollar spent, we generated $36.00. 

Ecommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is another aspect of our overarching campaign that delivered successful results to help increase sales. We helped to deliver a 36.17% increase in payment completion traffic on google through the use of SEO. SEO helps to improve the quality and increase the quantity of traffic to your website through organic search.


A Growing Squid

Squid Group implemented their wealth of knowledge of the digital ocean into T-Shirt Sale. Not only did this help to improve their overall sales, but it also contributed to improving their brand as a whole and online presence in both the website and social media space. 

By managing their social media, website and digital marketing campaigns through our team at Squid Group, T-Shirt Sale have more time to focus on being present in their business, fulfilling orders and growing their inventory. 

Whatever your business or brand needs may be in the digital ocean, Squid Group NZ is here to help. Contact A Squid today to discuss how we may be able to help you grow your business online.

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