How Video Marketing Benefits A Finance Company


In our current marketing campaign for a finance company, we've focused on the effectiveness of video marketing. Incorporating authentic content, like client testimonials into our videos, providing real-life examples of how the client's services benefit the users.

Building trust and connection with their audience on a personal level.

Finance Video Marketing Creation

Video marketing is highly effective in engaging wider audiences through its captivating visuals and easy accessibility. Engaging visuals and compelling storytelling in videos grab attention and enhance message retention.

Editing these videos to create short-form content is key for engaging and concise content. Short-form content is all about keeping it quick and snappy. You've seen it on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter— those little clips and posts that grab your attention and make their point before you even think of scrolling away.

Ensuring your content catches your audiences attention within the first 2-3seconds is critical, so we made multiple variations to test this out.

It's perfect for today's fast-paced world, where grabbing someone's attention in a matter of seconds is key. It's engaging, to the point, and super versatile, making the videos we created a key tool in our marketing strategy for this finance company.


How this campaign was created

  1. Our team organised the video shoot and location. 
  2. We arranged for a videographer to capture the video content.
  3. Our team provided scripts alongside advice for what will deliver the best results.
  4. Our team directed and managed the video shoot to ensure the best possible content was created for the campaign. 
  5. Using our marketing skill sets, the videos were edited to ensure they were engaging and concise.