Redesign of Trustees Executors' Website

Trustees Executors, a prominent financial services company in New Zealand, has been a valued client since 2019. With a legacy that dates back to 1881, Trustees Executors has demonstrated resilience and innovation through two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Global Financial Crisis, and multiple recessions.

As a trusted provider of corporate services, private wealth management, and fund administration, they approached us to redesign their website to align with their refreshed branding and strategic objectives, including the impending sale of a business segment.


The primary objectives of the new website were to:

  • Reflect the refreshed, modern branding across Trustees Executors' three business areas: Corporate Services, Private Wealth, and Fund Administration.
  • Facilitate easy in-house content management while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Introduce advanced features for marketing managers, including the ability to edit website colours in line with evolving branding.
  • Integrate a secure online invoice payment system to streamline customer transactions.
  • Ensure the website was built on a robust platform for maximum security.

Project Scope and Approach

Branding Refresh Integration

We began by aligning the website design with the new branding provided by Trustees Executors. The refreshed branding was characterized by a clean, modern colour palette designed to segment the business areas distinctly yet cohesively.

  1. Color Palette and Design:

    • Corporate Services: Professional shades of blue and grey to convey stability and trustworthiness.
    • Private Wealth: Elegant tones of green and gold to signify growth and prosperity.
    • Fund Administration: Dynamic and vibrant hues of orange and teal to represent innovation and forward-thinking.
  2. Design Elements:

    • Modern typography and clean lines to provide a sleek, contemporary look.
    • Use of high-quality images and graphics to visually distinguish each business area.

Content Management and Flexibility

To enable Trustees Executors to manage their content efficiently, we built the website with a flexible content management system on the SilverStripe platform. This platform was chosen for its user-friendly interface and robust security features, ensuring that the marketing team could update and manage content without compromising the site’s integrity.

  1. In-House Content Management:

    • Simple drag-and-drop features for adding new content and rearranging existing elements.
    • WYSIWYG editors for easy text and image formatting, allowing non-technical staff to make updates.
  2. Color Customization:

    • We developed a feature that allows marketing managers to update the website's color scheme easily, supporting the company's future branding evolution without needing external assistance.

Secure Online Payment Integration

A key feature of the new website was the integration of an online invoice payment system using Stripe. This system enables customers to pay invoices directly on the website, improving the efficiency of financial transactions.

  1. Stripe Integration:
    • Secure payment processing with encryption to protect customer data.
    • User-friendly payment interface to facilitate quick and easy transactions.
    • Automatic payment notifications to streamline the invoicing process.

Technical Implementation

The website was built on SilverStripe, chosen for its:

  • Security: SilverStripe’s framework is renowned for its robust security measures, making it an ideal choice for a financial services website.
  • Scalability: The platform supports future growth and can handle increased traffic as the business expands.
  • Customization: We leveraged SilverStripe’s flexible architecture to customize the site to Trustees Executors' specific needs, including the unique content management and payment features.

Results and Impact

The new Trustees Executors website has successfully met all project objectives, resulting in significant positive outcomes for the company:

  1. Enhanced User Experience:

    • Visitors can easily navigate the distinct areas of the business, accessing relevant information quickly and efficiently.
    • The modern, cohesive design reflects Trustees Executors' reputation for stability and innovation.
  2. Streamlined Content Management:

    • In-house teams can update the website content and colours without technical support, saving time and resources.
    • The flexible content management system supports ongoing updates and expansions, ensuring the site remains current and engaging.
  3. Improved Financial Transactions:

    • The Stripe integration has simplified the invoice payment process, providing a secure and efficient solution for customers.
    • The company has seen a reduction in administrative workload related to payment processing and invoicing.
  4. Future-Proof Platform:

    • The website’s foundation on SilverStripe ensures that it can adapt to future needs and technological advancements.
    • Enhanced security features protect sensitive customer data, reinforcing trust and reliability.


The redesigned website for Trustees Executors stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence. By aligning with their refreshed branding and providing advanced content management and payment features, we have created a platform that supports their ongoing growth and success. The collaboration has further strengthened our relationship with Trustees Executors, showcasing our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.