Endless Summers' E-Commerce Sales Increase By 210%

Endless Summer is an e-commerce business who specialise in the selling of modern bohemian clothing attire and accessories. After a while of trying to market their products in house, they soon discovered that it was more difficult than they originally thought. They struggled to see if they were generating successful results and were unsure if their marketing efforts were actually translating into online sales. 

This is where Squid Group came into the picture. Endless Summer contacted our team of Squid to help them deliver a successful digital marketing campaign in order to increase their online presence and conversions into sales. We went above and beyond to create a campaign that would generate sales and managed to increase their e-commerce sales by a whopping 210%! Multiple tools were used to implement this to produce the best results. Squid Group offered a full strategy where we ran paid media, set up MailChimp for the client and assessed budgets on an ongoing basis.


Social Media 

One of the backbones of our successful digital marketing campaign was generating leads through social media. We used Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to promote the brand, increase their online presence and generate traffic to their website to produce sales. 

By advertising through using social media platforms to reach our target audience, we can help to improve brand awareness and increase overall sales. Endless Summer has a target audience demographic that are very likely to use all three aforementioned social media platforms. We work with your business to understand your goals and target audience and develop a plan to help reach specific outcomes. 

For our advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram we were able to generate a 5-10x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for Endless Summer. We continued to track, assess and improve our advertising by Endless Summer to ensure we were hitting our target audience and making social media marketing financially worthwhile for them. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

Another of our key tools we use to help boost online presence to generate sales is through the use of SEO. We help the client to understand SEO and then our Squid SEO team works to implement a successful SEO strategy

Endless Summer had exceptional gains through the use of SEO. Due to our SEO efforts, 570+ organic keywords are ranking in the top 100 positions on Google, with 63 organic keywords ranking in the top 3 positions. 

Through the use of Google Analytics we can track our SEO efforts to see where we are succeeding and what we can try and improve on based on your business goals. Endless Summer had an increase of 100% in their goal conversion rate according to Google Analytics. 


“I am so happy with how they are helping my business to gain visibility and grow sales!” 

Our team of Squid work had to deliver results that help our clients reach their goals. It isn’t just a job for our team, we love to see our clients happy and understanding their digital marketing strategy. 

"I began working with Squid Group in February this year (after being referred to them by a fellow small business owner who had a great experience with them) and in just 2 months I have seen an increase of 210% in online sales in comparison with the same period last year. Communication is so easy and Laurence made the setup so simple to understand and implement. The services we are using are SEO, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They helped us set up our Email Marketing which we have also seen great results from and although I am not tech-savvy, they were super patient with me and made sure I understood everything clearly. I would definitely recommend them to others who are looking for a Social Media/Digital Marketing Company to work with - I am so happy with how they are helping my business to gain visibility and grow sales!" 

- Megan (Endless Summer) 


Thriving In The Digital Ocean 

Working with and watching Endless Summer grow from a small underground e-commerce business to a company with a solid digital presence was a great success for our team of Squid. 

Let us help you thrive in the digital ocean. Whether you need website advice or a full marketing strategy, our team is well equipped with the equipment you need to stay afloat. Contact A Squid today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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