2022 L.A.B Event Marketing

Over 40,000 tickets sold to NZ L.A.B Summer Tour

Our team of Squid were approached by LOOP Media to help with the advertising of the L.A.B Summer tour at Western Springs, Auckland, Bowl of Brooklands, New Plymouth and Hagley Park, Christchurch.

The campaign was comprehensive, advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, where plans had to be fluid due to the ever changing COVID-19 landscape.

Below is a summary of the different types of advertising we did to ensure we not only generated ticket sales, but captured data for future tours in Australia and Europe. 

Google Search, Display and YouTube Ads for events!

To ensure we reached people across all mediums online, we leveraged the full suit of Google. Each platform was used at different stages, where the initial focus was generating awareness on YouTube and Display Ads.

As the campaign aged and we got closer to the event date, Google Search become critical, driving considerable sales for each region!

  • Website Visitors from Google Ads: 31,500
  • Impressions from Google Ads: 6.9million
  • Video Views on YouTube: 90,000 where over 30,000views exceed 50% of the video

Facebook Advertising for events

Social media played a key role in our marketing strategy, where we leverage a range of tactics to ensure ongoing engagement would drive conversions as the event came closer. We did this through event page advertising, video views and conversion ads on Instagram and Facebook.

By generating large volumes of video views, whilst generating high event awareness we saw ticket sales sky rocket. Although we faced challenges with changes in alert levels and rules around events/gathering sizes, once the public was certain events could go ahead the hard work had been done.

We are proud to have generated some amazing statistics including

  • Facebook Impressions: 13million
  • Unique Website Visitors: 118,000 people
  • Video plays (50%+): 474,000 plays
  • Video Plays (3s+): 890,000 plays