Vega Full Digital Strategy

When we were first approached by the directors of Vega, they had a very tight time frame to launch their business (2 weeks). 

With very ambitious growth plans, we built a marketing budget for them to ensure it was realistic for these goals, where we built a plan to build a new website to ensure they were getting tangible results across all areas of the business.

The Brief

  • Build a full digital strategy for Social Media, Google Ads and content marketing.
  • Build a website which follows the brand guidelines outlined.
  • Provide all website content for the mortgage side of the business.
  • Build the website on a CMS which is easy to use and manage internally where brand guidelines will not be altered by staff updating content.
  • Provide different access levels for different staff.

What Have We Achieved?

We would be lying if we weren't proud of our outputs on this project, as it encompassed every member of the team from brand and content, to digital strategy and implementation. Since the launch of Vega's new website we have seen the following results

  • Website Phone Calls: 74% increase

  • Website Form Fills: 1,000% increase

  • Website Visitors: 350% increase

  • Bounce Rate: 34% decrease

  • Session Time: 222% increase

  • Cost/Conversion: 62% reduction

A Website To Cater For Rapid Growth

From the point we started working on Vega's digital marketing, there has never been a dull moment, providing substantial opportunity to work on some unique projects. When we started Vega's website we were only building it for the mortgage side of the business, however within 2months this quickly changed to where we had to design and develop a website for the new business and insurance sectors.

To ensure website visitors have a unique experience, this custom built SilverStripe website enables logos and branding to be dynamic according to the pages visited. This feature also enables colours and themes to be quickly manipulated as Vega continues to grow in it's three key verticals.

Custom Finance Calculators & Mobile Functionality

With phone calls being a key indicator of success, the mobile functionality was one of the biggest design areas during the wireframe process. With this in mind we needed to create calculators which encouraged public to leave their contact details and also drive phone calls wherever people are on the website.

To achieve this, specific forms require public to leave their contact details and also provide the option to make a phone call directly after completing the forms. By removing the ability to search for this, we have seen a 200% increase in calls from the calculator pages.