Jul 18, 2023

23 Chrome Extensions for SEO & AI that will simplify your business

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization (SEO), staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Luckily, there are several powerful Google Chrome extensions that combine the power of AI and SEO to enhance your website analysis, keyword research, and overall digital marketing efforts.

So what is a chrome extensions?

A Chrome extension is a small software program that extends the functionality of the Google Chrome web browser. It is designed to enhance the user experience by adding new features, modifying existing functionalities, or integrating external services directly into the browser. Chrome extensions can perform a wide range of tasks, such as providing quick access to information, automating repetitive tasks, improving productivity, blocking ads, or integrating with other web services.

These extensions are easily downloadable and installable from the Chrome Web Store, allowing users to customize and personalize their browsing experience according to their specific needs and preferences.

These extensions offer valuable insights and streamline various SEO tasks, helping you optimize your website for better search rankings. In this article, we'll explore 23 useful SEO and AI-based Google extensions that can take your optimization game to the next level.

  1. MozBar: MozBar is a widely popular Chrome extension that provides quick access to important SEO metrics, including Domain Authority (DA) checks. With MozBar, you can analyze webpages, view link metrics, and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

  2. Ayima Redirect Path: Ayima Redirect Path is an excellent tool for manually inspecting issues with page redirects. It helps you identify redirect chains and loops, ensuring your website visitors have a smooth browsing experience and search engines can properly crawl and index your content.

  3. BuiltWith: BuiltWith is a handy extension that allows you to inspect the technology stack behind any website. It provides information about the content management system (CMS), hosting provider, analytics tools, and other technical details, giving you valuable insights into your competitors' online infrastructure.

  4. Perplexity.ai: perplexity.ai is a unique Chrome extension that combines the power of Google and ChatGPT, creating the ultimate research co-pilot during your web browsing experience. This extension offers a range of capabilities, including providing summaries for any web page and answering any questions you may have. With perplexity.ai, you can quickly gather key insights from web content and receive instant responses to your queries, making it an invaluable tool for efficient and comprehensive online research.

  5. Scribe: Scribe is a user-friendly Chrome extension that simplifies the process of creating step-by-step guides. With its simple recording feature, Scribe observes your workflow and generates a guide based on your actions. It allows you to effortlessly develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) by documenting and automating repetitive tasks. Whether you need to create tutorials, training materials, or process documentation, Scribe helps you streamline the guide creation process efficiently and effectively.

  6. Open Multiple URLs: This extension simplifies the process of inspecting multiple webpages during audits. Instead of opening each URL individually, you can copy-paste a list of URLs directly from a spreadsheet and open them simultaneously. It saves time and makes the visual inspection of pages more efficient.

  7. Scrape Similar: Scrape Similar is a user-friendly extension that allows you to scrape data from websites without the need for coding. Whether you're extracting contact information or gathering market research data, this tool makes web scraping accessible to users without programming skills.

  8. Awesome Screenshots: Awesome Screenshots is a simple yet powerful extension that enables you to capture screenshots of webpages. Whether you need to highlight specific areas or share visual information with colleagues or clients, this extension is an invaluable tool for communication and documentation purposes.

  9. SEO Quake: SEO Quake is an amazing tool for quickly inspecting on-page elements. It provides a range of SEO metrics, including page ranks, backlink information, and social share counts. With SEO Quake, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of a webpage's SEO performance at a glance.

  10. Lighthouse: Lighthouse is an extension developed by Google that offers comprehensive performance insights and best practice recommendations. It assesses webpage quality, loading speed, accessibility, and more, providing actionable insights to help you improve the user experience and search engine visibility of your website.

  11. Similarweb: Similarweb offers instant access to a top-level view of any website. It provides estimated performance metrics, country rank, referral data, and even insights into competing sites. Similarweb is an invaluable tool for competitive analysis and market research.

  12. Keywords Everywhere: Keywords Everywhere is a powerful extension that quickly provides a variety of keyword data. From search volume and competition metrics to related keywords and cost-per-click estimates, this tool offers valuable insights for your keyword research. Keywords Everywhere also offers an API for developers interested in building their own tools.

  13. Ezoic: While not strictly an SEO extension, Ezoic allows you to customize ad locations on your affiliate websites. By optimizing ad placements, you can enhance the user experience, increase ad revenue, and boost overall website performance.

  14. Quick JavaScript Switcher: This extension is a handy tool for inspecting rendering issues or JavaScript conflicts during technical audits. It allows you to quickly switch JavaScript on or off, helping you identify and troubleshoot potential issues affecting your website's performance.

  15. Hunter io: Hunter io is an extension that helps you instantly scrape email addresses from almost any website. It simplifies the process of finding contact information, making it easier to reach out to potential collaborators, partners, or clients.

  16. Linkclump: Linkclump is a useful extension for more advanced SERP (Search Engine Results Page) scraping. It allows you to select and open multiple links simultaneously, making it easier to extract valuable data from search engine results.

  17. Dashlane Password Manager: With numerous passwords for SEO tools, emails, project management systems and much more to remember, a password manager is an essential extension for maintaining security and productivity. It helps you securely store and auto-fill passwords, saving time and ensuring your accounts are protected.

  18. Detailed: Detailed is a powerful Chrome extension that offers various SEO functions, from scraping People Also Ask (PAA) sections to inspecting SERP features. With Detailed, you can gather valuable data and insights to refine your SEO strategy.

  19. SelectorGadget: SelectorGadget simplifies the process of extracting X-paths and other site elements. With a single click, you can identify and select specific elements on a webpage, making it easier to manipulate and analyze the underlying code.

  20. AdBlock: AdBlock is a popular extension that blocks intrusive advertisements... but I am sure you understand why this is a nice extension to have

  21. UseBubbles: UseBubbles is a handy extension for video recording and screengrabbing, making it easy to explain concepts or share information with clients or team members. It's particularly useful for effective communication with individuals in different time zones.

  22. Google Translate: Google Translate is an essential tool for instant webpage translation. By enabling you to translate any webpage into your preferred language, it helps you access and understand content from around the world.

  23. Grammarly FREE: Grammarly FREE is a highly valuable extension for catching typos and enhancing your writing. It checks for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors, ensuring your emails and communications are polished and professional.

These SEO and AI-based Google extensions offer a wide range of functionalities, helping you streamline your SEO efforts, perform in-depth analysis, and improve your website's performance. By leveraging these powerful tools, you can stay ahead of the competition and optimize your online presence for better search engine rankings. Experiment with these extensions and find the ones that best suit your SEO needs to enhance your digital marketing strategy.