Mar 20, 2020

What's the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

Advertising on Facebook and social media has become incredibly user friendly, however it can often lead to in-house users not getting the most from their marketing spend.

With a Facebook ad you can provide much greater detail on who you are targeting and then capture this data and build audiences around key statistics like engagement, video views and/or lookalike audiences (similar people to those who have reacted to your post or website).

Use social media data to grow

When advertising you either pay for the luxury of convenience (boosted post) or have the opportunity to deliver more unique and tailored ads to potential clients that fit their interests, demographics and/or location.

We do not like to use boost posts when advertising as not only are you shooting aimlessly, you cannot create conversions and clearly understand the results from your advertising. Whether these conversions are on Facebook or on your website through a landing page, it is important you understand the results from your advertising.

All businesses will have different objectives according to campaigns which can include video views, form fills, phone calls and website visits which can all be tracked. The first step is understanding your goals and your overall strategy before starting your advertising. If you would like to discuss whats best for your business, then don't hesitate to contact us.

When should I use a boosted Facebook post?

We always recommend using a facebook ad as you can do the same thing and more! Boosted posts are a quick fix and simple solution to ensure Facebook can generate greater revenue, however if you want to get the most from your digital marketing we recommend getting someone involved to assist to ensure you are getting the best results.